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Watch Movies, Get Drunk

Watch Movies, Get Drunk

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The live movie drinking game. How drunk will your favorite movie get you?

Designed to keep everyone's focus on the actual movie you are watching while handing out plenty of drinks. For 2-15 players.

325 Cards To Get Everyone SMASHED!

Gather your friends around the TV and put on ANY movie, then bust out this game to deal out drinks. 

The main game gives each player 3 SECRET ACTION cards that tell you what to watch out for during the live movie that let you order another player to drink.

Will you all gang up on one player or will they be able to guess your Secret Action card and send the drink order back at you?

And don't forget to take some pee breaks. When you do, take out the Pee Break deck that is filled with:

  • trivia
  • challenges
  • group votes
  • and more!
Make next game night...a little fuzzy.

Falling Whale Games - The Best Live Sports Drinking Games
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Secret Actions 🤫

Cards you keep hidden that have an action to look out for during the movie you are watching on TV.

Did one of your actions just happen? You get to make someone drink!

Trivia 🧠

Years, box office, actors, taglines.

Use your knowledge of the movies to force your friends to drink.

Challenges 🥃

Take turns naming movies that start with a letter, have a push-up contest, finish your drink, make a shot for someone, and many more challenges to keep bathroom breaks interesting.

Group Votes 👉

Everyone votes on who they want to take a shot, finish their drink, and more with group vote cards.

Will you all gang up on one person?

2 Player Play 🗣️🗣️

Can be played with just 2 players. The main game with the Secret Action cards will work perfectly with 2 players. Only some cards in the Pee Break deck will need to be skipped, like the group vote cards.

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